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by Prehistoric Friends

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Prehistoric Friends' debut album is a thematic, sweeping eight-track collection of heartfelt & atmospheric dream-pop written by Scottish multi-instrumentalist Liam Chapman (Miaoux Miaoux / Supermoon) and expertly crafted over two years at South Sounds Studio, Glasgow with producers Andrew Pattie (Honey & The Herbs) and Gavin Thomson (Glamour Muscle).

Each track is driven by warm Casio organs, rolling bossa-nova drum machines and Nichola Kerr’s mystic and earthy viola playing, which wrap around Chapman’s gentle, ethereal vocals, touching on themes of dreams, ambition, healing and soul-searching. Think the best of War On Drugs, Mac De Marco and Beach House, with maybe a touch of Stevie Nicks' greatest moments.


released October 23, 2015

Music recorded and mixed by Andrew Pattie and Gavin Thompson, South Sounds Studios, Glasgow, September 20th - October 12th, 2013)

Co-produced by Liam Chapman

Original music written by Liam Chapman

All music performed by Liam Chapman and Nichola Kerr (except guitars by Andrew Pattie & bass by Gavin Thompson)

© all rights reserved 2015

Artwork found in the St. Michaels book ‘The Universe and The Earth’



all rights reserved


Prehistoric Friends Glasgow, UK

Prehistoric Friends is the solo project of Scottish multi-instrumentalist Liam Chapman (Friends in America, Quickbeam, Miaoux Miaoux) and violist Nichola Kerr. They hide in Glasgow and create organ and viola driven atmospheric/dream-pop and have whimsical stage-chatter

Perhaps for fans of Youth Lagoon, Throw Me The Statue, Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac.
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Track Name: Hallucinations
The kettle stopped and I started to notice it then
A silence that lingered in the kitchen
Sitting in this big old house alone at night
Eyes so weak and blurring the night

Blurring the night

…and then my imagination started to wonder
hallucinations haunting my comfort zone
exaggerating shadows and sounds

I turned the TV on real loud and acted real content
I think that everyone gets scared from time to time
Now my bed is so cold tonight
And I can’t seem to reach the light

Blurring the night
Track Name: Bermuda Triangle
Where do you go, go when you sleep?
I can’t remember my last dream
And I’m marooned in this phase where I can’t sleep
In amongst the wreckage of a pile of planes

I’ll discover the world where I rightfully belong
I’ll look for something that does not even exist
And I’ll do whatever it takes to be inspired again

And if I could sleepwalk while I’m wide awake
My legs could carry my soul where they wish to take
And if I had a net I would be able to capture those forgotten dreams
and live inside

But I’ll discover the world where I rightfully belong
I’ll look for something that does not even exist
And I’ll do whatever it takes to be inspired again

I’ll discover the world where I truly belong
And I’ll do whatever it takes to get it done
And I’ll remember the dream where I knew I’d travel to
Track Name: Wisdom Tooth
Another day pacing up and down and empty fitting room
Saying when’s this energy gonna come to some use?
Where’s the use in this youth?

But for now I’ll wait here, I’ll wait here for now
And although I don’t want to, it’s all I’ll let myself do

Another birthday with the same resolutions
Arthritic pains breaking through my chakras
And this wisdom tooth won’t go away

They say everyone must make a living
Everyone must find their way
But to me this live is made for living

For now I’ll wait here, I’ll wait here for now
And although I don’t want to, it’s all I’ll let myself do
Track Name: Gentle Giant
I turn to stone as my friends float away
I don’t recognise them anymore
Some of the things they say

Whilst I come across silent and unnoticed
It happens right in front of my own two eyes
I see them change to my surprise

Being good natured is not enough to see you through
When it’s purpose is taken away from you
I’ve dropped my confidence in the nettles
And I guess I’m gonna have to get stung to get it back
Track Name: Vanished
You’ve just vanished off the edge of my world
You’ve just vanished with no footprints
Well what went wrong? I would’ve done as you asked

But you’ve just vanished right out of my life
You’ve just vanished with no evidence
And now I’ve lost you like a grain of sand on the beach

Just give me the chance to find you
Give me the chance to reach
‘cos you’ve just vanished
You have.
Track Name: Mammals
Is it just me or is anyone else scared of the truth?
After I’m gone I wanna be content
Why can’t there be any proof?

Well some say we turn in to animals
Or that we arrive in another body

Well I hope that my ghost won’t be alone

No one knows do they know, are the scientists right?
Why can’t someone please just answer my thoughts
so I can sleep through each night?

Well some say we turn in to ghosts
Or that we become one of the stars
I don’t know where this life will take me,
where this life will go…

Well I hope that my ghost won’t be alone
Track Name: Skeleton Key
Don’t dream your life away
Dreams of someone you’re not
When being yourself is more

But how long?

You have a skeleton key
It can open any door
Take it to the secret cave in your head
And you’ll find the strength hidden there

But how long till I find this healing place?